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Quality Turf Care Designed Specifically for Southwest Kansas.

Tree & Shrub

Spraying and Fertilizing

Tree & Shrub Spraying are applied twice and 30 days apart between the months of May and July.

                      Also Available:

                                            •Grub Control

                                            •Iron IV for large trees

Tree & Shrub fertilizing are applied once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

•Cimarron  •Copeland  •Deerfield  •Dodge City  •Ensign 

•Garden City  •Holcomb  •Hugoton  •Ingalls  •Kismet  •Lakin  •Liberal  •Minneola 

•Montezuma  •Plain  •Satana  •Scott City  •Sublette  •Ulysses

Ward's Professional Lawn Care Program

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