Ward's has developed our own personal fertilizer based on the PH levels of Southwest Kansas soil, it is a 5 round granule program. This program can ONLY be purchased at Ward's Garden Center.  Sign up for our DIY Program between January through March and save up to 10%!

On this program you will receive:

Round 1: Spring Feed + Crabgrass Control

Apply during early spring, March - April. This application places a barrier between the soil

and the weed seeds, preventing them from germinating.

Apply and water in. 

Round 2: Spring Feed + Broad leaf Weed Control

Apply during mid-late spring, April - June. This round helps eliminate broad leaf weed such as

dandelions, hen bit, chickweed, ragweed and more!

Apply to damp lawn wait 2 days before watering in.

Round 3: Summer Feed

Apply during the summer. This round will supply your lawn with just the right amount

of nitrogen to recharge it and get the healthy green grass you'll love and enjoy!

Apply and water in.

Round 4: Fall Feed + Broad leaf Weed Control

Apply during late summer through fall, August - November. Similar to Round 2,

this round will help control broad leaf weeds.

Apply to damp lawn wait 2 days before watering in.

Round 5: Winterizer

Apply in December. This round will help prepare your grass for the cold weather. A higher amount 

of potash to increase the cold tolerance while storing energy for early spring green up.

​Apply and water in.

As a part of the program you will receive a notification

by phone when each round is available for pick up.

Also Available Off The Program!

$29.99 per 5,000 sq. ft.

$49.99 per 10,000 sq. ft.

Ward's DIY 5 Round Lawn Fertilizer