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Ward's Irrigation Services

Ward's Irrigation Services is a licensed, reliable business serving Garden City & Holcomb area. With 38 years of experience, many specialized training courses and now partnered up with Jim of Custom Sprinkler Work, we look forward to providing you with quality service on all of your sprinkler needs.

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It's easy to see the Rain Bird Underground Watering Systems appeal. This automatic sprinkler system allows efficient, hassle-free watering of any landscape. The wide variety of spray heads and sprinklers provide accurate coverage for healthier plants and minimizes water waste.  A complete Rain Bird underground watering project delivers a high return on money and time invested. Rain Bird offers you a comprehensive selection of watering system products each designed to work within new and existing systems, even with other brands. A full range of choices in all major categories (valve, sprinklers, spray heads and timer) means we can design a complete system that will save time, conserve water and perform reliably for years.  

• New System Installation   • Sprinkler & Drip Line Repairs   • Spring Start-Ups & Winterizing

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