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Power Washing

Our new pressure washer is great for washing off sidewalks and driveways. With 200°+ water, we make quick removal of stuck on gum, oil spots, and heavy soil. This service is great for high traffic areas and can be provided at your convenience before or after hours. We also service oil pits and outside smoke houses.

Ward's Chemcare Weed Control

Don't let weed get the best of you during the summer season. Let us take care of them and make sure they stay away. This service can be provided on a call in basis, or let us add your business/home to our daily schedule.

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Trash Pick-Up & Sweeping

This helpful service is provided early in the morning to give your business a fresh clean look. We can provide as little or as much attention as needed. This includes patrolling the outside parking lot/building for trash and emptying trash containers. We also have a sweeper truck that makes it easy to vacuum up unwanted dirt and gravel from curb and gutter/parking areas.

Ward's Power Washing

& Parking Lot Maintenance